Make Up



  • Professional Make-Up

    With a well done Make-Up you will feel truly 'the special guest' at the Events you attend to.
    To have an enviable image, Make-Up needs to adapt to clothes and the type of event that you participate at.

  • Hairstyling

    An elegant and sophisticated styling will make you the center of attention on special occasions, weddings or other events. A modern haircut, color, fashion, moisturizing treatment, all accompanied by impeccable service and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, will make you forget the everyday problems we face together.

Heaven Studio

At Heaven Studio we are a young, homogeneous, consistent, talented, properly trained, creative and full of energy team. Heaven Studio selected the professional quality products from the best known international brands. Heaven Studio does everything by the book, with dedication and responsibility. At Heaven Studio we have created a place of relaxation , magic, delight and full of romance. The purpose of all our efforts is the smile of thanks received from you, our client. Always we recharge our batteries so we can move forward and get ready for a new journey that is always new and special. Along with each of you, we improve our lived experience, continually adapt and reinvent ourselves.

Passion , devotion , customer focus and dedication of our staff have always result in happy smile of a satisfied customer and excited about the new look, ultimate satisfaction of a quality work done by the Heaven Studio team.