Donate beauty

Renasterea Foundation launched the campaign on October 1st in the annual event in Pink Lighting (this year will be illuminated building of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila"), as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer. They will establish partnerships with hairstyling salons in Bucharest, where you can find kits to harvest donor hair to be used for wigs offered to people with breast cancer.

The cost of natural hair wigs exceeds the financial possibilities of many women with breast cancer. The only workmanship for a short-haired wig reach 900 lei, and for one long-haired 1,500 lei. To achieve a 5 pigtails wigs needed if rich hair and pigtails for the thin 7. The minimum length is 15 cm of stems. You can to support our campaign and through personal social media posts with photos of type Before/After, with the hashtag #VietiImpletite or #Bravecut to inspire others to follow your example.


1. What is Woven Lives?

Renasterea Foundation launches Woven Lives, a campaign in which more people are encouraged to donate hair and see how their hair turned wig can really help someone, beautifying her life. Whether you have a thin or thick hair, best hair is one who donates beauty! Anyone can help create wigs, regardless of hair length, by offering a sum that will help its labor payment. Donations can be made online via the platform

2. Why donate hair?

In Romania 1 in 6 women is diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Unfortunately, cancer treatments cause hair loss and lead to lower self-esteem of cancer patients. A natural hair wig becomes a necessity, a delicate period of life of these women. Donate hair and money to provide natural hair wigs breast cancer patients, give them confidence and beauty. There will be with us in this campaign and celebrities like Andreea Esca, Dana Rogoz, Corina Caragea. Follow the project to see who is going to join!

3. How can you help?

Donate an amount of your choice, as a sign of support to the fight against breast cancer. Donate hair. Choose a salon from the list of partners. There you will find a hair clipper kit harvest. After you choose to donate your hair, you'll be happy holding a fundraiser Become BRAVECUT haircuts. Have your personalized page fundarising we promote our campaign, which you can distribute your circle of friends. Whatever you choose, your contribution will go towards providing natural hair wigs for people with breast cancer.


Nadia Comaneci, Andreea Esca, Corina Caragea, Andreea Marin, Alice Bursuc, Iuliana Tudor